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When upgrading a Luxor ZD/ZDC (LZD/LZDC) unit to the new LUXOR 2.0, you would need to replace the front panel. If you currently have a WiFi module installed, this will need to be upgraded as the Wi-Fi module's design has changed.

Part numbers include the following:

  • LUXFP (New Luxor Facepack with LAN Connection port Included)
  • WIFIMOD2 (Standard WIFI Module)
  • WIFIMOD2RMT (WIFI Module with 10 Foot Extension)

Find an authorized FX Luminaire distributor near you using our interactive Distributor Lookup.

The upgrade to Luxor 2.0 from your current system will offer extra features on the controller, as well as the app. 

  • Sunrise/Sunset Offsets
  • 365-Day Calendar
  • Instant Themes
  • Scheduling Option from the App
  • Cloud-Based Option for the App

Files can be transferred from the ZD/ZDC controller to the LUXOR 2.0 model. It is recommended that the ZD/ZDC controller has the latest firmware before restoring the programming in the new LUXOR. Visit the support section HERE for backing up programs and HERE for restoring on the NEW LUXOR controller.

Sunrise/Sunset Offsets

The offsets will allow you to set up sunset/sunrise start times with an offset in 15-minute increments. For example, you can set sunset plus 15 minutes so the lights come on 15 minutes after sunset. Learn More

365-Day Calendar

The 365-day calendar will allow you to set up special themes that run only on selected days of the year. For example, a 4th of July theme could run for a few days.  Learn More

Instant Themes

The instant themes (fixture firmware update with SD card may be required) will allow themes to turn on much quicker after the theme is "learned" by the fixtures.  Learn More

Scheduling Option from the App

The schedules option within the app will allow the user to create programs that will be displayed on the schedule screen and allow you to EDIT, ADD, DELETE an event. Learn More

Cloud-Based Option for the App

The Cloud-based option will allow you to control lights from anywhere, not just on the same WiFi network as the Luxor unit. Learn More

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