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Home Screen

The HOME screen is where all functions take place as well as the current date and sunrise/sunset times are shown. The HOME Screen is where the following are displayed:

  • Current Time (to set the current time and date, please see the SETUP section)
  • Current Date
  • Sunrise/Sunset for the current day (dependent on location, see SET LOCATION)
  • All Menu options are selected

All MENU options are placed at the bottom of the screen and are selected using the main scroll wheel. Rotate the scroll wheel to desired position and press down to enter each screen option. 

The HOME screen is the default screen that is navigated to:

  • An input is received while on the Idle Screen 
  • The HOME Button is pressed on the facepack 

While in any screen, the HOME button can be pressed to return to the HOME screen.

Activity Screen


When interacting with the Luxor ZD while lights are running it will display the Activity Screen. The Activity screen displays:

  • All Currently Running groups with their intensity. Six groups are shown. Turn the clickable scroll wheel to show additional groups if more than six are in opeation.
  • Current Time
  • System Load in Percent and Amps
  • No selections can be made on this screen, it is simply an activity display
  • Press the HOME button to return to the HOME screen
  • The Activity screen will reactive when no inputs have been given for 5 seconds while on the Menu screen or 5 minutes while on any other Function screen.
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