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A theme is a planned set of groups at stated colors and intensities. A user can call up themes in the Program menu for quick setting of a series of groups, or in the Manual menu for on-demand control. Common uses for themes include location based (e.g., gazebo) and lifestyle-based (e.g., vacation or party).

Note: The controller can have up to 40 themes with 250 groups per theme.

  • Themes are set initially by selecting the Theme function from the Home screen.
  • Each theme is designated by a letter ("A" through "AN") at the top right section of the screen. Select the desired letter using the scroll wheel.
  • Enter the various groups selected for the theme, with corresponding colors and intensities.
  • Select the Test Theme checkbox to temporarily turn on all groups that have been set in a theme. While this function is active, a user can make adjustments to the theme and see the changes in real time. Test theme function will end when a key has not been pressed for five minutes, the home key is pressed, or another theme is selected.
  • To completely clear the theme, select the Erase button. This function not only clears all fields in the theme, but it also removes the erased theme from any existing programs.
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