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SETUP is the user management area of the Time, Date, and Time Zone settings.  SETUP is also where the Location and Assignment functions are also accessed.

  • HR:MIN:SEC is initially setup as an AM/PM function with each setting independently
  • To adjust AM and PM rolling past 12 will switch on from AM to PM or PM to AM next to the SEC section
  • To set time as 24-hour, check the “24 Hour” selection box
  • MONTH, DAY and YEAR is set next
  • The Setting of the MONTH, DAY and YEAR automatically sets the day of the week which appears to the right of the YEAR as well as the IDLE and HOME screens
  • DST is the final setting which will push the time forward by 1 hour.  To initiate it, select ON. To deactivate it, select OFF.
  • ASSIGN is a manual way to enter into Fixture Assignment Mode. When compatible fixtures are plugged into the FIXTURE PROGRAMMING this screen will automatically display, but can also be entered under the MANUAL screen.
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