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Luxor - Wi-Fi Direct Mode


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The Luxor can be placed in Direct Mode which allows an iOS or Android device to connect directly over Wi-Fi to a single controller. This removes the need to go through the Wi-Fi router or network in order to communicate with the controller. When in Direct Mode, only one device can communicate with the Luxor at a time.

Step 1

To initiate Direct Mode, turn the navigation dial to the SETUP mode on the Luxor facepack. Press the dial once to enter the Setup screen.

Step 2

Turn the navigation dial to the Wi-Fi selection, and then press the dial to enter Wi-Fi Setup.

Step 3

Press the scroll wheel to select NETWORK.

Step 4

Select Direct Connect.

Step 5

The top of screen will show Wi-Fi: Direct Connect Ready. Under network "Luxor" should be shown.

Step 6

Using your iOS or Android device, navigate to the Wi-Fi network selection mode and choose Luxor from the SSID list.

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