While advanced LED fixtures draw less voltage than standard base lamps, FX Luminaire recommends preparing for your next lighting system installation by first calculating the voltage drop. This convenient calculator allows you to customize the different aspects of the system such as wire gauge and run lengths. You'll find the voltage available at the last fixture as well as the total VA and alerts to any problems.

Product Data

ZDC Fixtures

Model VA
ZDC (Rectangle) 4.3
ZDC (3 LED Rectangle) 8.6
ZDC (Medium) 7.2
ZDC (Large) 11.0


Integrated LEDs

Model VA
1 LED ( Round / Rectangle) 2.2
2 LED (Rectangle) 4.5
3 LED 4.5
3 LED (Wildlife) 4.5
6 LED 9.3
9 LED 12.2


SRP LED Strip Light

Model VA/linear foot
SRP-White 0.7


MR-16 LED Lamps

Model VA
MR16-LED (20W) 4.3
MR16-LED/ZD (35W) 5.4
MR16-LED/ZD (50W) 6.5
MR16-ECO (20W) 6.2
MR16-ECO (50W) 9.2


G4 LED Lamps

Model VA
G4-LED (10W) 1.1
G4-LED (20W) 1.7
G4-LED (35W) 2.6


PAR-36 LED Lamps

Model VA
PAR36-LED (35W) 8.5
PAR36-LED (50W) 11.3


MR-11 LED Lamps

Model VA
MR-11 Eco (20W) 3.3