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The Luxor ZDC system adds color to existing zoning and dimming options. A color system requires that a ZDC LED board is installed into each desired FX LED fixture. It also requires replacing the existing Luxor ZD facepack with a Luxor ZDC facepack. Standard and ZD-enabled FX fixtures will zone and zone/dim (respectively) on a ZDC facepack, but color is achieved only through the use of specific ZDC LED boards.



Step 1

From the HOME screen, press the COLORS icon on the left-hand side.

Step 2

Press the “Pencil” icon to edit a color position. Note: You will have 250 prepopulated color pallet numbers ready for EDIT in the app already.

Step 3

Select/confirm a color by dragging the circle selector to the desired color. Make changes in smaller increments by using the + and – buttons next to hue (horizontal) and saturation (vertical). The color is confirmed by the large color swatch.

Test the color in real time by selecting CHANGE and selecting a “Test Group” number. Press the TEST button to temporarily activate a color on the chosen Group.

Select BACK to move to the color palette screen.

Step 4

When editing a group, or adding the group to a theme, the COLOR FIXTURE must be selected to define if the group consists of color or non-color fixtures.
a. If “Color” is selected, the color palette menu will appear asking for the desired color. Select the new color and press BACK.
b. If “Non-color” is selected, the color palette will not appear, and the user can press BACK to return to the Groups or Themes pages.

Step 5

The Groups page displays the named groups with intensities and colors displayed for the groups that are currently running.
a. Color groups display the color code next to the name, as created in the color palette screen.
b. Non-color groups do not have a color code, and a standard yellow white fills the color section.

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