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Luxor - Suggested Controller and Fixture Maintenance


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Periodic system maintenance is required to keep your FX lighting system operating at peak performance. Practicing these maintenance suggestions will lengthen the life and enjoyment of your lighting design.

Transformer maintenance – Perform the following annually

  • Tighten all terminal lugs on transformer 
  • Blow out all bugs and webs 

Lighting Fixtures and LED Boards

Important: When replacing LED Boards, be sure to replace with an FX ZD LED (zoning or dimming) board or regular FX LED (zoning) board.  If you choose to use incandescent fixtures, we recommend the LUXOR CUBE for compatibility.


  • Annually clean dirty lenses to minimize calcium deposits 
  • Check aiming angles of fixtures semi annually 
  • Straighten all pathway lights quarterly 
  • Trim all plant material as needed; relocate fixtures as needed as plant materials mature 
  • Clean debris off well light lenses and grates quarterly
  • Check cable and cable connectors annually
  • Rebury cable and connectors that may have crept to the surface 
  • Check, adjust, and replace all cable and cable ties in trees as needed
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