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The LOCATION menu is designed to graphically represent a Luxor’s location on a map for correct Sunrise and Sunset times based on the current date.

  • A full screen X is the designator for the point on the map for the location of the user
  • First input is UP and DOWN Latitude, rotate the scroll wheel to move the crosshair up and down
  • Latitude is set by pressing the click-wheel
  • Second input is LEFT and RIGHT Longitude. Rotating the scroll wheel moves the crosshair left or right.
  • Longitude is set by a final click of the click-wheel
  • Once latitude and longitude are set the top right corner of the screen will show "SAVED"
  • Reset or adjustment is initiated by a click of the click-wheel and then repeat above Latitude and Longitude steps
Map of Canada
  • To activate the map of Canada move the X to the top of the screen and initiate another turn of the click-wheel. The Canadian map should then appear.
  • To return to the map of the USA, move the X to the bottom of the screen and initiate another turn of the click-wheel
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