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Luxor - Installing the Wi-Fi Module and Antenna


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There are two main components of hardware that must be installed: the module and the antenna. Before beginning the installation of the hardware and module, click here to download the latest firmware using an SD card.

Outdoor installation requires a sleeve for the antenna to be housed outside of the cabinet. To install, remove the facepack from the door. Remove the cover from the module slot by sliding down. Plug the module into the slot in the back of the facepack. Then run the antenna into the sleeve through the inside of the box and secure with the top cap, inserting the wire through the cap slot.

Indoor installation requires a Wall Mount which can be purchased separately. Once installed onto the wall, insert the antenna onto the back plane of the mount before inserting the module and facepack into the mount.

The Luxor Wi-Fi Module is a direct add-on accessory for all Luxor ZD systems that adds support for the following features:

  • iOS & Android Device Control
  • LAM & Light Assignment
  • Linking of Multiple Luxor ZD systems


Step 1

Remove front door by pulling up from hinges.

Step 2

Push release tab for facepack.

Step 3

Open Luxor facepack door.

Step 4

Disconnect facepack cord. Release facepack.

Step 5

Pull out facepack.

Step 6

Slide the Wi-Fi terminal protector door down to remove it.

Step 7

Before installing the module, observe the pin connections; be careful not to bend the Wi-Fi module pins when installing. Slide module into slot.

Step 8

Replace facepack running Wi-Fi antenna through door.

Step 9

Remove knock out. Pinch tabs to make knock out easier to remove.

Step 10

The Wi-Fi module is connected to an antenna that will drop down through one of the lower knock outs and into the antenna protector.

Step 11

Once the knock out is removed, the antenna holder can be used to protect the antenna. The holder will also help keep the controller watertight.

Step 12

Anetenna holder has a cap to allow wire to run through.

Step 13

Plug-in facepack cord and close facepack.

Step 14

Reinstall front door.

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