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Luxor – Connecting to an Existing Network with the LAN Module


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Installing a LAN module for a direct connection between the Luxor and the network equipment can provide a more reliable connection. Before beginning the steps below, please ensure the LAN module is installed per the instructions in the installation section. View installation instructions and video for the LAN module

Step 1

From the HOME screen, navigate to the SETUP screen using the scroll wheel.

Step 2

Scroll to and select Wi-Fi. NOTE: this menu option changes depending of which module is inserted into the accessory port. “Wi-Fi” displays only when the Wi-Fi module is completely pressed into the accessory port. “LAN” will appear for a LAN module, and “Network” will appear if no module is inserted.

Step 3

The Ethernet status screen will display as “connected” when a cat5 connection is made between the LAN module and the network device.

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