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The lighting assignment screen is an automatically displayed screen when an FX ZD fixture or board is connected into the Programming Ports of the facepack. This mode can also be forced by navigating to SETUP and selecting ASSIGNMENT MODE.

Note: Assign all FX ZD fixtures a group number prior to installation. If you are installing the Wi-Fi module and using the LAM, the group numbers for fixtures can be assigned after installation.

Step 1

Enter this mode by placing two separate wires from a single Luxor ZD fixture or board into each of the PROGRAMMING PORTS on the front of the facepack. The fixture must remain connected to the facepack during the entire process. FX LED boards can also be attached to a socket and programmed through the Fixture Programming Ports.

Step 2

Once connected and at the Assignment Screen, select the group that you would like the fixture to be a part of.

Step 3

Using the scroll wheel, navigate to PROGRAM and press the scroll wheel to initiate assignment.

Step 4

When complete the screen will show "Assignment Succeeded" or "Assignment Failed". If failed, return to Step One. If the problem persists the board may be defective or not a ZD board.

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