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There are two ways to associate a Luxor Controller with a Wi-Fi network. Through a Networked Wi-Fi Router, or directly to a wireless iOS or Android device.

A Luxor system with a Wi-Fi Module installed can be operated manually and with the Themes mode utilizing an iOS or Android device. The FX Luminaire Luxor App can be downloaded from the following Application Stores:

  • Apple iTunes Store
  • Google Play Store

Note: The Luxor App will not function or initiate unless a Luxor with a Wi-Fi module is installed and associated with the same network as the iOS or Android device or it is in Direct Mode.

Add Groups

Operating lights in the Groups Mode is a manual process of turning lights on or off using 0-100% intensity without an ending time. Groups that are already running under a Program will shut off until the next event occurs to the Group(s) being adjusted.

  1. To operate lights in the Group mode, begin by selecting the Groups tab from the HOME screen. This will show Groups that are available for adjustment. If no Groups are present, add and name Groups by selecting the + button in the top right-hand corner.
  2. After selecting the + button, choose the desired Group number. Only available groups will be displayed.  Name the selected Group number with a description, such as Barbecue, Pool, or Patio. The selected Group, including the description, will now appear within the Groups tab. 
  3. Activate Group(s) listed within the Groups tab by adjusting the intensity slider button from right to left.   
  4. Change Group attributes/details — description, board type, and color (ZDC fixtures only) — by pressing >. Changes to Group attributes are automatically saved by pressing the < button.
  5. Create Custom Sort groups by pressing
Create a Theme in Group Mode
  1. Create a custom Theme from the Group screen by pressing and selecting CREATE THEME.
  2. By default, all Groups will be selected. To deselect a Group, press the check box located on the left side of groups.
  3. Press the CREATE THEME button located in top right-hand corner. All attributes (e.g., intensity and color) will transfer over to the new Theme.
Deleting a Group
  1. To remove a Group from the list, select the DELETE button, which is located at the bottom of the Group Details screen.
Create a Theme

Using the Themes mode on the Luxor App allows you to control preset lighting Themes created within the Luxor App or the Controller. When a Theme is initiated the light levels selected for the Groups within it will start.  These settings will run until another Theme overrides their settings or the next programmed event occurs within the controller.  To turn all the lights off, set an off time for all lights within the controller or use the All Lights Off button at the top of the App.

To add a Theme it must be created using the App or the Luxor controller.

  1. Enter the Themes screen by selecting the Themes tab from the HOME screen.
  2. To add a new Theme, select the + button.
  3. In the Themes Details screen, name the Theme and select the Theme letter represented in the Luxor® controller.
  4. To add a Group to the Theme, select ADD GROUP.
  5. Select the Group number or name from the list. The selected group is automatically saved to theme.
  6. Modify Group attributes (e.g., intensity and color) within the Theme Details screen.
  7. Add additional Groups as needed.
  8. All created Themes will be listed on the Themes screen.
Activate a Theme
  1. To activate a theme, press the PLAY button. The activated Theme will be highlighted white.
Delete a Theme
  1. To remove a Theme from the list, select the Theme button and tap the button to see the delete option at the bottom of the screen.
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