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Luxor - Programming with Manual Mode


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  • The MANUAL mode is used to assign lights ON outside of typically running programs. Manual settings will always take precedence to any currently running Programs.
  • Begin by designating a Group number and then the intensity at which the given group should be illuminated
  • Set an amount of time that the Group will run at the given intensity
  • Once parameters have been set for all Group(s) indicated, navigate to the START button and select with the scroll-wheel
  • The countdown timer will immediately activate the set Group(s)
  • If the Group is currently running within a program, the Manual setting will take precedence
  • To stop (or pause) the countdown the STOP button should be activated. This will only pause to allow for adjustments and should not delete any settings above. 
  • When the MANUAL settings are finished the regularly scheduled program will immediately continue its normal operation, even if it was interrupted
  • After MANUAL settings have been started, the intensity and time can be adjusted while it is still running
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