FX Luminaire's website is designed to be a tool for lighting professionals. FX Luminaire has developed libraries to help you quickly find the information you need. Product resources can also be found on individual product pages. FX's libraries let you filter through hundreds of documents by keywords located in each library.

  • Product Catalogs

    Find all the information about ordering our products with our interactive catalogs, or download PDF versions of our catalogs.

  • Online Training

    FXL puts all the information you need to succeed at your fingertips. This free online education system offers in-depth courses on FX lighting products.

  • Resource Guide

    Download the FX Resource Guide to take your vision of a perfectly lit landscape to reality.

  • Installation Sheets

    Download detailed installation information for each FX product in PDF format so that you can accurately plan ahead and streamline the installation process.

  • Specification Sheets

    To ensure accurate installation and planning, consult these specification sheets. Here you can find technical specifications, dimensions and more for every product, model and available option.

  • Photometrics IES

    FX Luminaire has submitted several fixtures to laboratory tests because we want to ensure that when you purchase an FXL fixture that you can appropriately plan for installations and more.

  • CAD Installation Details

    FX has provided all construction details in the following formats: Adobe PDF, DWG, and DXF.

  • Warranty

    Every product is backed by our industry-leading, 10-year warranty. No other lighting manufacturer has the confidence in their products to offer this type of guarantee.

  • Photo Library

    Find professionally shot images of our products and stunning landscapes enhanced by our products.