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The Programs screen is where all daily running programs are set up. Programs are set by calling up fixtures that have been assigned to groups or themes. For more about assigning fixtures to groups, see "Assigning Light Fixtures into Groups."

  • Each program is designated by a letter ("A" through "G") at the top right section of the screen. Select the desired letter using the scroll wheel prior to selecting the days of the week.
  • Selecting days of the week designates which days the program will run based on the event settings. Select or remove each day by highlighting the corresponding box over each day with the scroll wheel and pushing to select or deselect.
  • The Event field specifies what will initiate a timed event. options include sunrise, sunset, or time.
  • The Time field specifies what time the programmed event will occur. Sunrise/sunset times are based off of astronomical timing set by the location (longitude and latitude) of the unit. Optional timed offsets (+/- 15-minute increments) are available for sunrise/sunset events. Time events are determined by time of day.
  • The Group/Theme field specifies which group or theme is associated with each event. Scroll right to select groups. Scroll left to select available themes.
  • The Color field specifies the desired color for group events. Colors are not available for themes.
  • The % field specifies the desired intensity for each event. Values range from 0% (off) to 100%. Theme events are limited to On or Off.
  • Multiple events can be created to initiate/change various intensities, but must be designated to "off" using a separate event in order for them to extinguish.

Note on Day Beginning and End:

Days are designated to start and end at noon (12 p.m.). This allows lights to continue running after midnight within a single day's program setting.

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