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Luxor Facepack Mount

The facepack mount is used to mount the facepack in a remote indoor location to provide easier access to the Luxor.

It requires the use of an RJ-12 (reversed) cable to connect to the actual Luxor transformer.  Please refer to the maximum wire distances below when remotely locating the face panel P/N (LUXORFPMOUNT).

  • 200 feet with a Wi-Fi or LAN module installed (RJ-12)
  • 500 feet without a Wi-Fi or LAN module installed (RJ-12)

When installing the Luxor FP Mount with WIFI module, the antenna conduit is not necessary.  The WIFI antenna easily drops into the bottom of the facepack mount.


Luxor WIFI Module

The WIFI-MOD will allow the user to communicate with the LUXOR controller using IOS and/or Andriod devices.

For more information on installing this device, please visit our support page Installing the WI-FI Module and Antenna.

Luxor LAN Module

When planning for a cat5 connection (FXLANMOD) between the router and a Luxor, your maximum distance is 300 feet. If a longer distance is required, the use of a repeater is necessary. This is standard protocol for cat5 cables and has nothing to do with the hardware or setup of the Luxor.

  • 300 feet between the LAN module and router/extender/repeater (cat5)

For more information on installing this device, please visit our Installing LAN Module section.

Light Assignment Module

Using a smartphone or tablet and the new Light Assignment Module (LAM) device, every fixture attached to a Luxor ZD system can be wirelessly assigned to a group using ActivAssign™ technology.

Click here to learn more about compatible devices and installing the LAM.

Luxor Cube Models

With the Luxor CUBE, the Luxor controller can now zone and dim other brands of low voltage and line voltage light fixtures. In addition to controlling carriage, entry pillar, and holiday or bistro lights, the CUBE even allows control of water feature pumps, automatic gates, and any item with a relay input. The CUBE is available in three models: Low Voltage, High Voltage, and a combined relay and 0-10V. 

Click here to learn more about the CUBE models.

ZD MR-16

The ZD MR-16 is a convenient high-quality LED lamp. When connected to a Luxor ZD transformer, the ZD MR-16 adds zoning and dimming capabilities to any fixture. The ZD MR-16 is available in two intensities, four beam angle options, and two color temperatures. Fully potted, it carries a five-year warranty.  The compatible FX Incandescent fixtures include the MD, TE, RP, LR LO, MU, and the RS

Click Here to learn more about the ZD MR-16 models.

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