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Celebrating more than 30 Years of Innovation in Outdoor Lighting Technology

FX Luminaire is an industry-leading manufacturer of landscape and architectural lighting products with a focus on the advancement of LED technology and digital lighting control with zoning, dimming, and color adjustment capabilities. We offer a full spectrum of specification-driven lighting fixtures that can be utilized to create elegant landscape lighting systems for residential or commercial applications. Our products are available exclusively via our extensive professional distributor network.

Our Story

FX Luminaire original crew

Since 1989, we have earned a reputation as a leading producer of top-quality lighting products through our deep commitment to innovation. We have transformed landscape and architectural lighting through next-generation lighting control, elegant fixture designs, LED efficiency, and durable material combinations.

FX Luminaire was founded by Joshua Beadle, a landscape contractor from San Diego, California, who was unhappy with the quality of outdoor lighting fixtures available at the time. Existing lighting brands were simply not holding up to the coastal weather. Rather than installing products that were not up to par, he decided to create his own fixtures. In the beginning, Beadle only made fixtures for himself. But over time, other contractors came to recognize the quality of his products and wanted to purchase them for their installations as well. Beadle had to make a choice: become a landscape lighting manufacturer or continue with his landscape contractor business. Thus, FX Luminaire was born.

In 2009, Hunter Industries acquired FX Luminaire. Since then, being part of the Hunter family has given FX Luminaire access to a strong corporate infrastructure with a global reach, significant funding for research and development, and a world-renowned customer support system.

Evolution of Power and Control

At FX Luminaire, we are dedicated to finding and perfecting new ways to improve outdoor lighting systems. We offer a variety of low-voltage lighting transformers with varying levels of control to accommodate projects of all scopes, ranging from simple on/off capabilities to next-generation Luxor® technology.

PX Transformer

FX Luminaire introduced the revolutionary PX transformer more than 20 years ago to provide a reliable on/off switch for our lighting fixtures. As the first multi-tap transformer in the landscape industry, the PX served as the foundation for our innovations in lighting control technology. As a testament to its quality, the PX remains popular to this day.

Luxor ZD Controller

In 2012, we launched the Luxor ZD controller, which gave customers the ability to zone and dim lighting fixtures using the same installation techniques to which they were accustomed.

EX Transformer

In 2018, we launched the EX transformer to provide our customers with an economical, low-wattage power-and-control option for LED lighting projects.

Next-Generation Luxor Controller

In 2018, we launched the next-generation Luxor controller. Users can now create up to 40 distinct themes, and the controller comes preset with calendar-based programming, timed sunrise and sunset offsets, and dual 15V outputs.

LX Transformer

In 2011, we launched the industry’s first fully digital transformer, the LX. An integrated LCD screen provided the current time, an internal timing system, a photocell readout, and an automatic backlit display. This transformer helped pave the way for our future controller capabilities.

Luxor ZDC Controller

In 2015, we took our Luxor technology to the next level. We launched Luxor ZDC, which had all the great features of Luxor ZD — but now equipped our fixtures with 30,000 vibrant color possibilities!

DX Controller

Also in 2018, we launched the DX controller, a fully digital, intermediate on/off lighting control solution. The DX comes with astronomical timing and event-based programming capabilities pre-installed, so there is no need for plug-in accessories such as timers and photocells.

Three Decades of Innovation

From the early stages of our business to the present day, we are proud to lead the industry with groundbreaking innovations that push the boundaries of lighting design.




FX original crew


FX Luminaire begins operation

Joshua Beadle, founder of FX Luminaire, leaves his landscaping contracting business to pave the way for the next generation of outdoor lighting technology.

Old FX Luminaire logo


FX Luminaire incorporates

To prepare the business for rapid growth, FX Luminaire evolves from a sole proprietorship to a corporation.

FX Luminaire first website


FX Luminaire joins the digital age

FX Luminaire sets up its first website. The website includes dedicated resources for installers, distributors, and architects.

CA path light



This year, we launch 11 path lights. One of these fixtures was the CA. The classic design of the CA has helped it remain popular for over a decade.

New products: CB, CA, EA, GN, PR, QF, SC, BD, CV, GT, and PF.

CF in-grade light



We turn our focus toward hardscape fixtures, launching the ML wall light and the CF in-grade light. The CF is an excellent entry-level option with the smooth beam angles of a PAR36 lamp.

New products: LM and CF.

RP in-grade light



We launch four more hardscape fixtures. The highly versatile RP in-grade light can be configured to create a wide wall-wash effect or provide a tall, narrow projection of light for large trees.

New products: UN, PD, FC, and RP.



We release our first fixtures for water features, the LB and SM. These products helped pave the way for future specialty lighting fixtures.

New products: LB, SM, AN, and AP.

Hunter acquires FX Luminaire group photo


Hunter Industries acquires FX Luminaire

Hunter Industries acquired FX Luminaire, setting the stage for a journey of rapid innovation!

New products: CC, VS, GC, HC, and JS

NP up light



After launching the NP up light, it quickly becomes our most popular fixture. The NP remains a top seller today.

New products: BP, PE, LF, NP, and PB.

LE down light



The LE down light provides a simple, low-cost option for contractors. Its small footprint allows it to blend among foliage and reduces glare.

New products: FB, JB, LX, MD, VHR, MS, LE, LSS, and LED versions of LM, CP, UN, and PD.

Luxor ZD controller


Luxor ZD

Luxor ZD is a true game-changer in the landscape lighting world. We are the first company in the industry to launch a controller that could zone and dim fixtures using a standard two-wire path installation.

New products: PO, Luxor ZD, DE, PS, NL, QZ, and LED versions of PF, SC, BD, PR, DM, CA, CB, and CV.

Luxor smartphone app screen


Luxor Wi-Fi

We become the first landscape lighting company to offer a smartphone app to control outdoor lighting systems. This innovation puts control in the hands of our customers with an easy-to-use lighting management tool.

New products: LL, PL, TM, LC, Wi-Fi MOD, LAM, and LED versions of FC, PM, TD, and FG.

MO wall light



The MO is a simple-to-install hardscape wall light. With multiple faceplate options, the MO can meet the needs of a range of projects.

New products: RW, VE, 3-Prong Spike, and MO.

Luxor ZDC controller


Luxor ZDC controller wins two awards

Our Luxor ZDC outdoor lighting controller wins the Best New Product and People’s Choice Awards at the 2015 Irrigation Association Show.

New products: Luxor ZDC, SL Riser, BQ, QB, LAN MOD, ZD MR-16, Luxor Cubes (LV, HV, Relay), GM, PL, TM, and NR.

FC-GW with ground-washing option



Another significant step forward in hardscape lighting, the FC-GW offered ground-washing options with minimal ground intrusion.

New products: FC-GW, QT, LP, MR-16 LED, Luxor Linking, and Pro-Aim® Ratcheting Spike.

FX Luminaire award


FX Luminaire wins Best New Product

The LP underwater fixture wins Best New Product in the landscape lighting category at the 2017 Irrigation Association Show.

New products: FR, Surge Module, Line Mount, SP-A, MR, and G4 LED.

FX Website redesign


FX Luminaire website wins a Design Merit Award

The Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA) recognizes us for our digital design achievements on the FX Luminaire website.

New products: RC, CA-A, DM-A, DL-A, M-PL, SD, WS, Wildlife-Friendly LEDs, C-UL, C-WW, C-PL, C-DL, EX, DX, and Next-Generation Luxor.

FX 30 year anniversary logo


FX Luminaire celebrates 30 years in business!

As we reflect on our achievements, we look forward to even more innovations over the next 30 years and beyond.