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Luxor - Remotely Locating the Facepack


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The facepack mount is used to mount the facepack in a remote indoor location to provide easier access to the Luxor. When installing the Luxor FP Mount with WIFI module, the antenna conduit is not necessary.  The WIFI antenna easily drops into the bottom of the facepack mount.

It requires the use of an RJ-12 (reversed) cable to connect to the actual Luxor transformer.  Please refer to the maximum wire distances below when remotely locating the face panel P/N (LUXORFPMOUNT).

  • 200 feet with a Wi-Fi or LAN module installed (RJ-12)
  • 500 feet without a Wi-Fi or LAN module installed (RJ-12)

See illustration below for example of the recommended RJ-12 cable.

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