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The Backup function saves all user input information, including programs, themes, colors, and setup data. To create a Backup file for your Luxor, follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: The SD card must be a SD or SD-HC. SD-XC should NOT be used. SD-XC cards do not work with the Luxor.

Step 1

Start by pulling on the right side tab and removing the facepack. Insert the SD card as shown. SD card will click into place. To remove SD card, press gently on card to eject.

Step 2

From the Luxor Home Screen, turn the navigation dial to Setup, press the dial once.

Step 3

Using the scroll wheel, push in and select Firmware.

NOTE: On older versions of the Luxor, you can access the Backup feature on this screen in place of the Linking button.

Step 4

Using the scroll wheel, push in and select Backup.

Step 5

To name the backup file press the navigation dial, turn the dial to select the first character, and press the dial to set. Turn the dial to the next character and repeat the procedure to complete the backup file name. Once the file is named, turn the dial to Backup and press the dial to save the file. Screen will display Backup successful.

Step 6

To Restore the database on another transformer, perform this same procedure.  Select Restore on the final step.

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