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Every Luxor ships with the FX Technical Support contact information as the default image. The image is changed by following the steps below:

Save desired image on an SD card. Images on the SD card that are not formatted correctly will not display. The saved image must have the following characteristics:

• 320 X 240 pixels
• 256 color bitmap
• Landscape orientation
• Named "contact.bmp"


Step 1

Remove the plastic cover from the side of the Luxor facepack.  Insert the SD card with the saved image. Press the card completely inward and then release. The card will lock into place.

Step 2

From the HOME screen, navigate to the SETUP and then CONTACT screens using the scroll wheel.

Step 3

Select the LOAD button using the scroll wheel. The image is now loaded. Press the HOME button and then the CONTACT button to see the new image.

Step 4

Press the SD card inward and then release to remove the card from the facepack. Replace the cover to the facepack.



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