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There are two ways to associate a Luxor Power Controller with a Wi-Fi network, through a Networked Wi-Fi Router, or directly to a wireless iOS or Android device. For instructions on Direct Connect Mode please refer to Support Article Connecting the Luxor Wi-Fi using the Direct Mode.

To connect to a Wi-Fi Router please make sure of the following parameters:

  • Router must be 802.11b/g compatible
  • WEP or WPA Encryption
  • All Luxor Power Controllers at a single site are on the same Wi-Fi Network
  • Signal Strength is consistent where the facepack and Wi-Fi Module are located. If the signal is low or inconsistent, raise the router location, mount the Facepack as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router, or install a Wi-Fi extender to increase signal strength.

To initiate association to a Wi-Fi Router, turn the navigation dial to the Setup mode on the Luxor facepack. Press the navigation dial once to enter the Setup screen.

Turn the navigation dial to the Wi-Fi selection, and then press the navigation dial to enter Wi-Fi Setup.

If the Luxor has not been connected to a Network Router, the display will show Direct Connect Ready.  The Network button will be highlighted orange, press the navigation dial once. The list of available networks will appear on display.  If the Security box next to the desired Network has a “Y”, you will need the network password to connect. Turn navigation dial to highlight desired Network, and then press the navigation dial once.

If Wi-Fi does not require a password, the password screen will not appear. Luxor will connect to selected Network. If the Wi-Fi requires a password, use the navigation dial to enter the Network password. Press the dial to change the selection from orange to yellow, and then turn the dial to select character. Repeat until the network password in entered. Turn the navigation dial to highlight OK, and then press the navigation dial once.

Note: The password characters will start with upper case letters, then lower case, numbers, and special symbols.

The connection to router may take a few minutes. When connected the screen will display “Wi-Fi: Connected to Router”. If Luxor does not connect, power down the controller and try connection again. If the connection fails, it may be due to weak signal strength. Raising the location of the router may help to increase the signal strength at the Luxor location. If raising the router height or location does not work, you may need to move the Luxor closer to the Wi-Fi router or install a Wi-Fi network extending device.

If the signal at the Luxor location is weak, the Luxor facepack with the Wi-Fi module and antenna can also be run to the interior using RJ-11, 6-wire cable. The Luxor facepack mount (FX part number: LUXORFPMOUNT) can be wall mounted at a location closer to router signal.

Adding Additional Luxor Controllers to the Same Network

  • When adding additional Luxor, and before selecting a network, add a Controller ID number in order to identify it.
  • To set Controller ID, turn the dial to Wi-Fi Setup screen. Scroll to Controller ID and select controller number.
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