Bring Hardscapes to Life with Best-in-Class Lighting Solutions

Add Fun and Functionality to Outdoor Living Spaces

From walkways and steps to patios and outdoor kitchens, hardscapes are an essential part of almost every outdoor living space. With a full range of lighting fixtures and accessories from FX Luminaire, you have endless opportunities to use creative lighting design to bring hardscapes to life.

Walkways Feature


Try illuminating walkways with the M-PL Path Light for an elegant, modern look. Install surface-mounted fixtures such as the MO Wall Light on adjacent hardscapes, or add VE Down Lights to tree branches or architectural elements. For paved walkways, use the HP-48 In-Grade Light for seamless integration with standard pavers.

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Steps Feature


Utilize existing hardscape and landscape elements for a new way to illuminate steps. Install surface-mounted fixtures such as the SL Wall Light to highlight steps while adding ambient light on the wall. To enhance visibility with residual light, add KT In-Grade Lights in nearby planters. These methods reduce light intrusion and increase safety with aesthetically pleasing results.

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Walls Feature


Use LF Wall Lights to highlight interesting textures with wall-grazing effects while illuminating the surrounding areas. Depending on the desired look, install wall washes or C-IN In-Grade Lights close to the wall to draw attention to architectural details. For a flatter look, place the fixture farther away from the wall.

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Patios Feature


Add down lights and surfaced-mounted fixtures to light areas from above. The QL Down Light provides effective downward illumination when installed on narrow posts, perimeter fencing, columns, doorways, and pergolas. Install the SD Down Light in entryways, outdoor meeting spaces, seating areas, and other settings with no available ceiling or overhead surface.

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Outdoors Feature


Kitchens need an even spread of functional lighting to ensure safety and visibility across the whole space. Illuminate grilling areas with LF Wall Lights in the countertop, and NL Down Lights on nearby arbors or pavilions. Add a BQ Specialty Light to provide direct lighting in the immediate cooking space. After cooking, dim the fixtures to create a relaxing ambience.

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Transform your next hardscape project with lighting solutions from FX Luminaire!

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