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Luxor - Checking Voltage Using Voltmeter


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Using a digital voltmeter allows you to take important voltage readings at the transformer, at each fixture and at the receptacle the transformer will be plugged into. Dial the digital voltmeter to the V~ setting for measuring AC voltage.

Checking Voltage - Outlet

This tool tells you whether or not the 120 volt receptacle you are plugging the FX Transformer into is wired properly. Follow the tool manufacturers instruction manual to assure proper wiring on the receptacle you will be using.

This procedure should only be performed by a licensed electrician.

To locate an irrigation contractor in your area, you can contact a local irrigation distributor for a referral. Please click on the link below to find an Authorized Hunter Distributor in or near your area.

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Checking Voltage - Transformer Lugs

The LZD-150 and LZD-300 transformers have a 14V lug inside the controller adjacent to the common lug terminal.  The 14V lug should read approximately 14-15 volts AC while in manual operation. For manual mode instructions, please use this link: Manual Mode.  If the voltage is sufficient, then proceed to checking the voltage at the fixture splice.

Checking Voltage - Fixture Splice

Insert voltmeter probes into each wire splice connector (Optimum reading should be between 10-15 VAC for LED (ZD) fixtures and 11-15 VAC for color (ZDC) fixtures. In the event you have little or no voltage at the fixture, the issue would be on the wire path leading back to the transformer.

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