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To update the Firmware on the Luxor Power Controller, you'll need an SD card to transfer the data from a computer to the facepack.  

The SD card must be a regular SD or SD-HC.  NOTE: SD-XC cards do not work with the Luxor.

NOTE: Please reference the chart below for the correct files for updating each LUXOR model. Updating the facepack firmware must be completed first.  Files are located at the bottom of the article.  The date code for the controller will be located within the wiring compartment on a white sticker on the righthand side.

Controller Face Pack Version Chassis Version Mfg. Datecode Comments
Luxor ZD  0.167 0.24 AUG 16 or Later Two Accessory Ports
Luxor ZD Non Linking 0.167 0.16 Older AUG 16 One Accessory Port
Luxor ZDC 0.305 0.24 AUG 16 or Later Two Accessory Ports
Luxor ZDC Non Linking 0.305 0.16 Older AUG 16 One Accessory Port
Luxor Flash Use only if Location Map is not visible
Luxor International Use only for updating International Facepacks

Step 1

Start by pulling on the right side tab and removing the facepack.

Step 2

Pulling the facepack out will allow access to the SD card terminal. Remove the SD Card and battery compartment cover. To remove the SD card (if installed), lightly push on the card to eject. After installation, the memory card will click into place and the facepack will respond with active messages.

Step 3

From the date and time screen, push both the orange “HOME” button and the orange “?” button simultaneously to bring up the Diagnostics screen. Wait about 2 seconds before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4

Push the center navigation dial once to bring up the Firmware Load screen. Scroll down to Facepack / Chassis / Flash and press dial once. The line at the bottom of screen should read "Wait for bootload to finish", do not turn off the unit while the update is in progress. The above screen should appear if the operation was performed successfully. After upload completion, the date and time screen will appear. To download the latest Luxor firmware versions click on the links below.

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