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Firmware updates are occasionally released to add features or enhance the Luxor functionality. To update the facepack, chassis, Wi-Fi module, flash, and fixture firmware on the Luxor, an SD card is required to transfer the data from a computer to the facepack.

NOTE: When upgrading the Luxor Firmware, you may recieve the message "File Not Found."  If you see this message, please check the following:

  1. The SD card must be a SD or SD-HC. SD-XC should NOT be used. SD-XC cards do not work with the Luxor.
  2. Make sure the file name was NOT changed after being saved.  Example: L2FP0020(2).efi should be L2FP0020.efi


Step 1

Go to the bottom of this page and download the appropriate firmware update files. Save the desired firmware onto an SD card.

Step 2

Remove the facepack from the chassis by pulling on the tab to the right of the facepack and swinging the facepack door open. Pull the black tab on the back of the facepack outward, while simultaneously pushing the facepack through the door carriage.

Step 3

Insert the SD card with the pins facing the front of the facepack, pressing completely inward. Then release to lock the card into place.

Step 4

From the Home screen, select Setup. Navigate to the Firmware tab and press the scroll wheel.

Step 5

Select the Firmware Type that will be updated.  Firmware types include Facepack, Chassis, Mono (non-color fixture), Color (color fixture), and Wi-Fi Module.

Step 6

Once the designed type is selected, navigate to Update and press the scroll wheel. The facepack and flash update processes usually take between 5 and 15 seconds. Chassis updates typically take a couple of minutes, and fixture updates can take up to 15 minutes.

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