Lighting Effects and Design Techniques

This section focuses on four important and very different lighting effects for landscape lighting - uplighting, downlighting, pathlighting and specialty lighting. You will learn how to achieve the best possible results and which are the best FX fixtures to use for each.


This is a general description for several lighting techniques that use surface mounted or recessed fixtures aiming upward. This creates a dramatic effect that demands attention-thereby establishing focal points.


Like uplighting, this is a general term that describes a group of effects that places the illuminating source above the target area. Downlighting can be used to light specific garden elements and pedestrian areas or to illuminate large spaces for safety, security or recreational purposes.



The most visible source of lighting equipment comes from path lights. Pathlighting should be used to draw attention to pedestrian hazards such as grade changes or to illuminate surfaces that can't be reached by downlighting from trees, eaves and other architectural elements or integral wall mounted fixtures.

Specialty Lighting

Specialty lighting utilizes unique products built for specific applications so designers can customize systems to their liking. Knowing how to take advantage of these products can greatly enhance a desinger's capabilities.