Line Voltage Shot


Line Voltage A-CT
A-BR10 application


A-BR10 Close up
A-HS application


A-HS Close Up
A-KN application


A-KN Close Up
A New Line of Illumination
More power. More lumens.
New horizons.
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Meet our Line-Voltage Series. Expand beyond low-voltage lighting with total flexibility in color temperatures, beam angles, and outputs up to 2,500 lumens.

World-class engineering and a modern design aesthetic are combined to create a full range of next-generation solutions. Removeable cartridges simplify routine maintenance and tamper-resistant elements offer safety and security in public spaces.

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All fixtures are simple to install and easy to service.
Sleek, minimalist designs complement any setting.
Add zoning and dimming with a Luxor® Cube device.
Line Voltage Up Lights
Up Lights
Highlight facades, signage, and architectural elements with the elegant and versatile A-CT up light.
Line Voltage Path Lights
Path Lights
Engineered with sharp lines and rounded curves, the A-BR10 blends seamlessly into projects of all scopes.
Line Voltage Wall Lights
Wall Lights
Modern, minimalistic designs and powerful light outputs are hallmarks of the A-NK and AHS recessed wall lights.
Line Voltage Down Lights
Down Lights
The curvilinear, organic shape of the A-ST5 down light begins as an eased square that gently transitions to a circle.
Line Voltage Specialty Lights
Specialty Lights
The adjustable A-KN in-grade light is available in ring or cowling configurations for flexibility during installation.