FX Luminaire puts all the information you need to succeed at your fingertips. This free online education system offers in-depth courses on FX lighting products, as well as Hunter products and installation procedures, so you can work more efficiently. Gain the power to install with confidence, troubleshoot with ease. conserve electricity and sell with assurance.

  • Lighting Specialist Program

    This program is designed for those who are new to landscape lighting or want to incorporate lighting into their irrigation business. It is designed to provide fundamental knowledge on how lighting works and the components of a lighting system. In this program you will learn the categories of lighting, as well as an overview of the features and benefits of FX Luminaire landscape lighting products.

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  • Lighting Designer Program

    Learn techniques and best practices for lighting specific spaces in your landscape. This program guides you through the design process and shows you how to get started in creating your lighting portrait.

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  • Created to Help

    • Installation and Maintenance Professionals of all Experience Levels
    • Designers/Specifiers
    • Profesional Distributor Personnel
    • Learn at your own pace
    • Educates distributors to better assist customers
  • The Benefits

    • Includes courses, videos, tutorials, and quizzes for lighting and irrigation products and processes
    • Training can happen anytime day or night
    • Courses are reviewable anytime to refresh knowledge
    • Trains contractor's employees to work more efficiently
    • Makes specifiers more knowledgeable when discussing product choice and performing job inspections
  • How to Get Started

    • Click this link to open a new browser window:
    • Once there, you can create an account and begin your education on FX's complete line of products.