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Connecting the Luxor Wi-Fi using the Direct Mode


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The Luxor Power Controller can be placed in Direct Mode which allows an iOS or Android device to connect directly over the Luxor Wi-Fi to a single controller. This removes the need to go through the Home Wi-Fi router or network in order to communicate with the Luxor Power Controller. The Direct Connection Mode can also be used to test the Luxor Wi-Fi module and App operation prior to connection to a Home Wi-Fi router or network.

Step 1

To initiate Direct Mode, turn the navigation dial to the Setup mode on the Luxor facepack. Press the dial once to enter the Setup screen.

Step 2

Turn the navigation dial to the Wi-Fi selection, and then press the dial to enter Wi-Fi Setup.

Step 3

If the display shows Direct Connect Ready, the Luxor is already in the Direct Mode. The Network name will display Luxor. If the controller ID has been named, you will see Luxor followed by controller ID on the Network Display. If the display shows WiFi: Connected to Router, you will need to switch to Direct Mode.

Step 4

To switch to Direct Mode, press the navigation dial when Network is highlighted, then press the navigation dial once more time to switch to Direct Mode. Luxor should display WiFi Direct Connect Ready.

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