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This section provides details on all the recent updates for the LUXOR® controller, the LUXOR WI-FI MODULE, and the ZD/ZDC LED BOARDS used in FX Luminaire Designer Series fixtures. As always, download the most recent firmware to avoid any future challenges with the devices. For more information on how to update firmware, click here.

Luxor Controller (LUX-150 & LUX-300 Models) 1.07 Firmware

Luxor Wireless Linking compatibility Learn more

  • Details on how Luxor wireless linking works will be part of the Luxor Wireless Linking product release (May 2022).
  • Users must have this version to run Luxor Wireless Linking so it is important customers update to this version.

Decreased Time Intervals Learn more

  • Scheduled programs and Manual timing decreased from 15-minute increments to 1-minute increments. 

Overload Descriptions Learn more

  • Added description for overload conditions

Control 4 – SDDP integration Learn more

  • The feature is for Control4 integrators. SDDP is a method of discovering devices in the Control4 Composer software

Lutron QSX compatibility Learn more

  • Lutron Homeworks QSX is the newest automation system using Lutron’s LEAP protocol.
  • This firmware update enables combability with the LEAP protocol method.
  • There is no change to Lutron RadionRA2 and Lutron Homeworks QS integration process.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed issue where facepack would occasionally not communicate with the chassis after powerup. This would result in a “communication failure."
Luxor Controller (LUX-150 & LUX-300 Models)

February 2021

FACEPACK – Version 0.40

  • Enhancements
  • Connection improvements



July 2020

FACEPACK – Version 0.35

  • Fixed AWS connection failure issue over LAN connection due to socket timeout.
  • Fixed OTA update failure issue with LAN connection.
  • Display asterisk next to chassis # on Diagnostics screen if CE chassis has not passed factory test

April 2020

FACEPACK – Version 0.33

  • Release of Luxor AWS (Luxor Cloud)
  • Modified Luxor CE Chassis max current rating for 265W rating
  • Remove “Verify” menu from Network Test screen (AWS Provisioning Screen)
  • Show Controller Verification screen when JSON provisioning command is received while the WIFI/LAN Setup screen is displayed
  • Prevent downgrade of chassis firmware to versions < 0.25 (first version w/ CE chassis support)
  • Fix for TTP #27
Luxor WiFi Module

February 2021

Wi-Fi Module (WIFIMOD2, WIFIMOD2RMT) – Version 0.24

Luxor Fixtures

March 2019

ZD Fixtures - Version 0.8 (Update only available using SD Card)

  • Supports the instant theme feature

ZDC Fixtures - Version 0.8 (Update only available using SD Card)

  • Supports the instant theme feature

May 2019

ZDC Fixtures - Version 0.9 (Update only available using SD Card)

  • Fixed Color Fixture does not respond properly to Queue WRGB command after being set to Color Wheel
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