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  1. Locate transformer(s) in a well-ventilated area away from direct irrigation spray and central to the proposed installation site of the majority of the lighting fixtures. The primary goal is to minimize the length of cable runs from your transformer to the lighting fixtures, which minimizes voltage drop and cable size. A common mistake is to locate the single transformer on the service side of the house or in the garage, which might result in excessively long cable runs to reach lighted areas. Transformer(s) with power cords must be located adjacent to a 120-volt, GFCI-protected exterior electrical receptacle. If a 120-volt power source is not available at the desired transformer installation location, it is advised that you hire a licensed electrician to run a dedicated 120-volt, 15-amp circuit to the desired location. For the international/export Luxor version, the previously mentioned information applies for 230-volt, 10-amp circuits.
  2. Test all existing receptacles with both a receptacle tester and a digital voltmeter or amp clamp to verify proper wiring and voltage at the receptacle.
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