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These cord-connected units consist of step-down, isolated, two-winding-type transformers, circuit breakers, and associated circuitry intended to supply power to low-voltage, submersible lighting fixtures.

WARNING — Risk of Electric Shock. Install power unit 5' (1.5 m) or more from a pool or spa and 10' (3 m) or more from a fountain. Where the power unit is installed within 10' (3 m) of a pool or spa, connect power unit to a GFCI-protected branch circuit. Do not use an extension cord when connecting the power unit to the 120-volt source. The grounding conductor shall be 12 AWG (2.05 mm) minimum. Outdoor power unit shall be connected to a GFCIprotected, hooded, flush-type cover plate receptacle marked “Wet Location” while in use.

Caution: The supply circuit for the landscape lighting system shall be protected by a Class A–type ground fault circuit interrupter, unless it is provided with the landscape lighting system. This device is accepted as a component of a landscape lighting system where the suitability of the combination shall be determined by local inspection authorities having jurisdiction. Do not connect two or more power supplies in parallel. Not for use in dwelling units. This presents a risk of fire. Do not place insulation under terminal plate. Check connector after installation.


Circuit Protection

  • 11 amps for 150-watt power controller
  • 22 amps for 300-watt power controller
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