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The Location menu is designed to graphically represent a Luxor’s location on a map for accurate sunrise and sunset times based on the current date, time zone, and longitude/latitude settings.  First, select Location from the Setup screen. While in the Location screen, select Region. Once region is selected, scroll to Time Zone and select the current time zone.  If latitude and longitude coordinates are known, enter the values into the Lat and Long fields. To set latitude and longitude using the map feature, scroll to Map and press the scroll wheel.

  • The full-screen crosshairs designate the user’s location on the map. The map will change based off of selected region.
  • Latitude is first adjusted by rotating the scroll wheel to move the crosshairs up and down. Numeric indicators at the top right display the actual coordinate. Press the scroll wheel to select the latitude; it is set by pressing the click-wheel.
  • Longitude is next adjusted by rotating the scroll wheel to move the crosshairs left and right.
  • The coordinate settings are automatically saved after each press of the scroll wheel. Select the Home button to leave the Location screen.
  • Reset or adjustment is initiated by pressing the scroll wheel and then repeating the above latitude and longitude steps.
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