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The Luxor® controller automatically displays the lighting assignment screen when an FX Luminaire LED fixture or device containing FX Luminaire ZD Technology® or ZDC Technology® is connected to the assignment ports on the controller facepack.To enter this mode at any time, navigate to Setup and select Assign.

Assigning a Light Fixture to a Group Using the Fixture Socket
  1. Enter this mode by placing two separate wires from a single FX Luminaire LED fixture or device containing FX Luminaire ZD/ZDC Technology into the ASSIGNMENT PORTS on the front of the facepack. Insert one wire into each port. The wires must maintain contact inside the assignment ports throughout the process. 
  2. Navigate to PROGRAM. Then press the scroll wheel to initiate the assignment. When complete, the screen will show "Assignment Successful" or "Assignment Failed." If failed, reposition wires and try again. If the problem persists, the board or device could be defective or not programmable.
  3. The assigned group number is stored in the fixture — not in the facepack. Thus, power loss or other errors within the Luxor controller will not affect fixture assignment. If a device (e.g., LED board, lamp, Luxor Cube) is replaced, the new device must be assigned to the desired group number.

NOTE: Only program one fixture at a time. Attempting to program more than one fixture at a time may result in assignment failure.

Assigning Light Fixture to a Group Using the LED Programming Adapter

Following the same instructions, you can use our PROGRAMMING ADAPTER (PART NUMBER 752605) to program any ZD or ZDC LED board. This will allow you to program the LED board without removing the fixture from the field.

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