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Signal Strength is consistent where the face pack and Wi-Fi Module are located. We recommend a 70 RSSI level or greater for consistent WIFI signal.  If the signal is low or inconsistent, raise the router location, mount the Facepack as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router, or install a Wi-Fi extender to increase signal strength.

NOTE: Another option to increase your signal is our Remote Mount WiFi Module (Part Number - WIFIMOD2RMT). This will allow you to relocate the WiFi module at a better location up to 10 feet away from Luxor for a stronger signal.

Step 1

Navigate to the SETUP button, press scroll wheel to select.

Step 2

Scroll to the WIFI button, press scroll wheel to select.

Step 3

Scroll to the NETWORK name section, press scroll wheel to select.

Step 4

Look for the SSID (Network Name) of the local Wi-Fi network that is also used by smartphones and/or tablets at the location.

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