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Luxor - Linking System Requirements


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Luxor Linking allows for a single point of control on sites requiring multiple Luxor controllers. Linking sites consist of a primary and one or more satellite Luxor controllers connected by a Cat5/5e/6 cable. Sites are limited to nine satellite controllers to every one primary unit and/or 3,000 feet between the primary and the farthest satellite controller.

NOTE: Making your own Ethernet Cat cable is recommended to be done by a qualified technician only.

Firmware Requirements:

Prior to running a Linking system, verify Primary and Satellite Luxors have the latest version of Facepack (Primary controller only) and chassis (Primary and Satellite) linking firmware. For instructions on updating your firmware, click here. Chassis firmware updates take about 15 minutes. The progress bar, shown at the bottom of the face pack, indicates the progress of the firmware update. Do not unplug the power of the Cat 5/Cat 5e/ Cat 6 connections while firmware updates are in process.

v0.42 v0.24
Hardware Requirements:

COMMUNICATION CABLE - Direct burial Cat5/5e/6 cable (straight)

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