Luxor - Glossary of Terms


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Group: An addressed set of lights that are designated numerically and controlled as a set by the controller.

Theme: A predetermined set of groups, intensities, and colors called to action by the program or manual functions.

Fixture/Luminaire: Light unit that contains an FX Luminaire LED board or device with FX Luminaire zoning, dimming, or color capabilities.

Intensity: Value indicating the measurable amount of brightness, from 1% to 100%.

Event: The initiation, adjustment, or conclusion of a selected theme or group with specific intensity and/or color settings.

Duration: The length of time an event will run.

Hue: The primary attribute of color; it is represented by numeric values between 0 and 359.

Saturation: The richness of a color mixed with white light, from 0% to 100%.

Color: The visual combination of hue and saturation.

Primary Controller: Luxor controller containing a facepack.

Satellite Controller: Controller without a facepack (LSAT).

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