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The Luxor contains three user interface elements on the facepack panel.

Luxor Button Description
HOME This will revert to the main screen while on any other function.
BACK This will allow you to navigate to the previous screen.
WHEEL This is the primary interaction and selection tool.
Home Screen

All functions on the Luxor are accessible through the Home screen. The default display on the Home screen displays the following:

  • Current time
  • Current date
  • Sunrise/sunset for the current day (dependent on location, see Location)
  • All category options are listed

All category options are located on the right side of the Home screen and are selected using the main scroll wheel. Turn the black scroll wheel clockwise or counterclockwise until the desired category is highlighted in light blue. Press the scroll wheel inward to select and enter the desired category.

Choose a category below to access each full support page.


Set Up Screen

After selecting the SETUP screen, the following category selection becomes available.

  • Auto - Select Auto to sync the Luxor time clock every 24 hours.
  • Month, Date, Year & Current Time
  • DST - Daylight savings time
  • Language option - Choose from many different language options.
  • Disable System - This function turn the system off for automatic mode. Learn more
  • Restrict Themes - The restrict function prevents changes to themes.

Choose a category below to access each full support page.


Activity Screen

After five minutes of inactivity, an Activity screen will appear on the LCD screen if the lights are running. The wait time is reduced to only five seconds when the current screen is the Home screen.

The Activity screen displays:

  • Chassis load: Amp load of controller chassis. Chassis 1-10 are displayed. Only chassis with an active load will display an orange load bar.
  • Current time
  • Source of transformer load: Manual or Automatic Schedule

No selections can be made on this screen; it is simply an activity display. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen.

Diagnostics Screen

The DIAGNOSTICS screen will display the Assigned Chassis (controller assigned), Controller communicating, Overload Indication, and a Controller load in a percentage.

The assigned chassis numbers do not always correspond with the installed primary and satellite controllers shown on the display. Learn more

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