Luxor - Automatic Firmware Updates


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A notification informing you that new firmware is available will pop up when the app is launched. The notification will not tell you which type of firmware (e.g., facepack, Wi-Fi, etc.) needs to be updated. The notification will continue to appear when the app is launched until the firmware is updated.

  1. To update the firmware, press UPDATE.
  2. The screen will change to a FIRMWARE UPDATE screen. This screen will list any available facepack, Wi-Fi module, Wi-Fi chipset, and chassis firmware revisions.
  3. The firmware being updated will have a status wheel that lets you know the update is occurring. The bottom button will turn gray and display the word UPDATING.
  4. A checkmark will appear when the update is complete. The bottom button will display the word DONE. If multiple updates are available, the app will continue updating until all firmware has been upgraded to the latest version.

IMPORTANT: If the firmware update is not working automatically, please visit the support section here.



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