Luxor Linking

Luxor Linking Support

Luxor Linking allows users to install up to nine Luxor Satellite Controllers (LSAT models) while maintaining a single point of control at the primary Luxor Controller (LUX model). Luxor Linking provides an affordable option for designing and expanding upon Luxor systems. Benefits of Luxor Linking include:

  • Provides a single point of control for multiple controller sites.
  • Allows the addition of 9 Luxor Satellite controllers.
  • 3,000' (914 m) of hardwired or wireless connection between primary and satellite Controllers.
  • Wireless installations require the use of Wireless Linking Modules (LINK-MOD in the U.S. and Canada or LINK-MOD-E internationally). Learn more
  • Wired installations require the use of Cat5/6 cable. Learn more

NOTE: Wireless Linking Technology requires the latest firmware to be installed on the primary Luxor Controller.


Wireless Connection

Wired Connection