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The Luxor can communicate with devices other than FX Luminaire integrated LED boards. Two of those devices include the Luxor Cube and the Luxor MR-16 ZD.


The Luxor Cube allows the Luxor to control, zone, and dim lighting fixtures and other device that don’t have built-in FX Luminaire ZD Technology. Install the Cube in-line prior to the fixtures or devices you wish to control as a zone. When that zone is activated by the Luxor, all fixtures or devices in-line after the Cube will initiate and dim according to the commands of the Luxor.

The Cube is offered in three models to ensure maximum flexibility:

  • Low-Voltage Lighting (LCM-LV)
  • Line-Voltage Lighting (LCM-HV)
  • Relay and 0-10V Dimming (LCM-RLY-010V)
MR-16 ZD

The MR-16 ZD is a convenient, high-quality LED replacement lamp that converts incandescent fixtures to energy-efficient LED fixtures. When connected to a Luxor, the MR-16 ZD adds zoning, dimming, and control capabilities to any brand of low-voltage landscape lighting fixture utilizing an MR-16 socket.

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