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There are two ways to associate a Luxor Controller with a Wi-Fi network: through a networked Wi-Fi router, or directly to a wireless iOS or Android device.  A strong WIFI signal (RSSI 70 or above) is strongly recommended at the area of installation of the Luxor face pack. The Luxor Controller will activate the program with or without a WiFi connection.

Network Requirements
To connect to a Wi-Fi router please make sure of the following parameters:
•    802.11b/g 2.4 Ghz compatible only
•    WEP or WPA Encryption
•    All Luxor Controllers at a single site are on the same Wi-Fi Network.
•    Signal Strength is consistent where the facepack and Wi-Fi Module are located. We recommend a 70 RSSI level or greater for a consistent WIFI signal.  If the signal is low or inconsistent, raise the router location, mount the Facepack as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router, or install a Wi-Fi extender to increase signal strength.

Step 1

 From the Home screen, navigate to the SETUP screen using the scroll wheel.

Step 2

Scroll to and select Wi-Fi. The menu option changes depending on the preferred wireless connection. The LAN menu is the default option. Wi-Fi will appear if the WIFIMOD2 is plugged into the facepack.

Step 3

Scroll to the NETWORK field and press the scroll wheel to choose a specific network. The controller defaults to "Direct Connect" mode.

Step 4

The Wi-Fi Networks page auto-populates with the SSIDs of local wireless networks within range of the controller. The security column displays Y or N (yes or no) if a password is required to connect to that network. The RSSI column displays a numeric value to indicate the signal strength of each network. RSSI is measured between zero and 120, with optimum performance above 70. If a Y is displayed for the selected network, a password entry screen will appear. Select each box to scroll for the desired character and press the scroll wheel to finalize that character. Move to the next character space and repeat the process until the full password is entered.

Note: The password characters will start with upper case letters, then lower case, numbers, and special symbols.

Step 5

Select OK. The controller will then connect to the network and may takeup to 20 seconds.

Step 6

If the network SSID does not appear in the list of available networks, but the network is close enough that it should be able to connect, select the "Other Network" button from the Wi-Fi networks page. Enter the SSID of the desired network.

Step 7

Select the appropriate PASSWORD button and enter the password accordingly, as shown previously. WPA is the most common in modern networks.

Multiple Controllers

When multiple controllers on a single site are connected to the same network via LAN or Wi-Fi, the app sees the controllers as a single system with up to 250 groups available across all controllers. Each controller will retain and automate its own programs, but when initiating a manual group event or theme through the smartphone app, the controllers will act as one.

  1. To set up multiple controllers on a single site, start by entering the same Wi-Fi network information on each controller that will be linked. Refer to pages 8 or 11 for detailed instructions.
  2. When manually initiating a group from the smartphone app, every controller will activate and every fixture assigned to that group will initiate, no matter which controller the fixture is connected to.
  3. Group/theme names and theme settings are saved across all linked controllers and will remain in sync as long as each Luxor remains connected to the network. Note: The facepack displays only the group numbers and theme letters; names assigned by the user are displayed only through the app.
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