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The Luxor transformer showing ERROR can indicate two possible problems.

Overload Error with Lower Case "o"

An overload message with a lower case “o” this indicates a current in excess of the rated current. For 150w transformers, the limit is 11 Amps, and for 300w transformers, the limit is 22 Amps.  For this current to trip the overload, it must be continually above these values for 1 second.  The chassis LED will illuminate in RED.

Resolution: Reduce the number of fixtures by one, turning on, and repeating until the "overload" does not occur. Resolve/repair the short circuit.

Overload Error with Upper Case "O"

An overload message with an upper case “O” indicates an excess of normal operating current, typically caused by a short circuit.  This is controlled by a hardware circuit and trips the overload immediately.  The chassis LED will illuminate in RED.

Resolution: Check for shorts in the line. Inspect the wires that may be cut, broken, frayed, or are improperly connected. Also, check for moisture inside fixtures and/or lamps. Disconnect possible issue areas and turn the system on Manually to see if the Error message reappears. Resolve or repair the short circuit.

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