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The Disable option is a way to completely shut down all lighting events in the Manual and Program modes regardless of time or status, indefinitely. This mode does not turn off the unit but rather suspends all lighting events until the user decides to reactivate. The lights will remain off after a reactivation is executed and will not turn back on until the next event (program or manual) occurs.

  1. The Disable feature is accessed from the Setup screen.
  2. When Disable System is selected, the unit will immediately shut down all fixtures in Programs, Manual or Themes.
  3. All lights will remain off and the lights will not reactivate until Disable System is deselected. If in the Off state and a manual event is initiated, it will run until finished or another Disable System is performed.
  4. The Home screen will show "Off" in place of the current time when the unit is shut down.
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