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When programming the LUXOR lighting controller, it is important to have a final EVENT time to shut the program off. This shutoff time for the program may be set to sunrise or a specific time of the day.  If there is no final EVENT time off, the lights will remain on until you manually shut down the controller.  Please use the steps below to make sure your system has the correct OFF setting.

  1. Using the scroll wheel, select PROGRAMS.
  2. Select an EVENT for either sunrise or a specific time. NOTE: This EVENT will be for a specific group or all lights.
  3. Select a TIME. Optional timed offsets (+/- 15-minute increments) are available for sunrise/sunset events (e.g; sunrise of 6:00 AM +15 will shut lights down at 6:15 AM).
  4. Select a GROUP, THEME, or ALL LIGHTS. The GROUP/THEME field specifies which group or theme is associated with each event. Scroll right to select groups. Scroll left to select available themes.
  5. The % field specifies the desired intensity for each event. Values range from OFF (0%) to 100% as there is no 0%. Theme events are limited to ON or OFF. This field needs to be set to OFF.

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