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The LAM is a device that wirelessly assigns FX LED fixtures with ZD Technology® to Groups ranging from 1-250. The LAM plugs into the headphone jack of a smartphone or tablet. Click here for a list of compatible LAM devices

NOTE: Mobile devices with no headphone port will require an adapter specified for that model.

Assigning Fixtures Using LAM
  1. To utilize the LAM, open the Luxor App on a device that is associated with the same network as the controller with the fixtures that will be assigned.
  2. Insert the LAM into the headphone jack of an iOS or Android device with the Luxor application installed.  Note: The icon is not selectable unless LAM is inserted into phone jack.  
  3. Press the Assign Lights Icon located on the Home screen. 
  4. Once in the Assignment screen, select the desired Group from the drop-down list. Note: Once in the Assignment screen, all lights will illuminate at 50% intensity.
  5. Press Assign Lights. Once a fixture is assigned, the device will vibrate, lights will turn off, and a confirmation notification will appear on the screen. Note: The remaining lights will remain in Assignment mode and can continue to be assigned to the same Group.
  6. Once fixtures have been assigned, exit the assignment mode from the application by selecting the back button.

Note: The LAM should be removed from a device while it is not in use to conserve LAM battery life. The LAM battery may need to be replaced if it suddenly stops functioning.  Replace with a CR2032 coin cell battery.Some devices may ask to access the microphone jack and you must select OK for the LAM to work.

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