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Luxor - LAM Not Working


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If your LAM (Light Assignment Module) is not working, we recommend checking the battery, verifying a good RSSI (signal strength), and using the Cloud Feature.



The LAM should be removed from a device while it is not in use to conserve LAM battery life. The LAM battery may need to be replaced if it suddenly stops functioning. Replace with a CR2032 coin cell battery. Some devices may ask to access the headphone jack and you must select OK for the LAM to work.

Signal Strength

Making sure you have the necessary signal strength in the controller is important when using the Luxor wifi system. Our recommended RSSI would be 70 or higher for devices to work normally. For more information on checking the RSSI, click here.


Enable Cloud Feature

The Cloud Feature can improve the performance when using the LAM Module. NOTE: The Luxor ZD/ZDC models are not compatible with cloud connection. Learn more

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