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Luxor - Network Mode: Controller(s) Not Found


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The Luxor App will scan for Luxor Controllers when opened. While the app is scanning, the screen will display CONNECTING TO CONTROLLERS. The app will first look for the last IP it was connected to, then if not found, it scans for other controllers connected to the router. This can take approximately one minute.

If the app does not find any controller(s) on the CONNECTING TO CONTROLLERS screen, please go through the checklist below.

If the direct connection works and the signal strength is good, you may need to cycle power on the router and try to reconnect the Luxor Controller to the router. Please reference the chart below to determine the controller model you have installed.



Verify Wifi/Lan Module Installation

Please verify the cable connection is secure on the WiFi Module or the LAN (ethernet cable connection).


Luxor ZD/ZDC

Check Controller Connection Status

1. From the HOME screen, navigate to the SETUP screen using the scroll wheel.

2. Scroll to and push in to select Wi-Fi.

3. Confirm the message CONNECTED TO ROUTER is on the WiFi/LAN Setup screen.

For Luxor ZD/ZDC models, click here.


Checking Signal Strength

If the Luxor Controller is connected to the router and has the latest firmware version, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If you have the latest firmware updates installed and are still having connection problems, check the RSSI on the router:

Luxor 2.0 Checking RSSI

Luxor ZD/ZDC Checking RSSI

If the signal strength of the controller is lower than the optimum strength of 70, you may need to increase the signal from the router by raising the router or installing a Wi-Fi booster.


  • Use a LAN connection.
  • Relocate the Luxor Controller.
  • Install the WIFIMOD2-RMT ( Remote Antenna with a 10 foot extension).
  • Purchase and install a aftermarket WiFi extender.
Manual Configuration

In some cases, you might have to try the MANUAL CONFIGURATION to connect to the Luxor:

1. To use this function, first retrieve the IP ADDRESS from the Luxor Controller. On the controller, select setup, then Wi-Fi. 

2. Make sure the status on the top line is CONNECTED and then note the IP address.

3. Login into the Luxor App, press the Controllers icon, and then press the + button. The manual configure screen should be shown. 

4. Type in the IP address shown on the controller, and type 80 for the port number. Repeat the process if you have multiple controllers.

When you start the app, it will send commands to these controllers in addition to those it finds automatically.

Direct Connect Method

If the App must be used while having connection issues, we would recommend the DIRECT CONNECT method. 

Luxor 2.0 Direct Connect

Luxor ZD/ZDC Direct Connect


NOTE: Using this connection method will have a limited range.

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