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Before connecting to Luxor Cloud, make sure your Luxor controller is connected to the network router either by Wi Fi or LAN connection. Visit support section here to learn more about connection setup.

Luxor Cloud requires facepack version 0.33 or higher. For more information, visit support section here to learn more.
NOTE: The Luxor ZD/ZDC models are not compatible with cloud connection.

Step 1

From the Luxor Controller, select SETUP. Connect Luxor Controller to the desired network and remain on WIFI/LAN screen.

Step 2

Download or update the Luxor Controller App to version 4.0.2 or higher.

Step 3

Open the Luxor app and select the SETUP icon.

Step 4

Turn the Luxor Cloud feature from OFF to ON using the slide bar.

Step 5

Sign up for a free Hunter account at Select your ACCOUNT TYPE.

Step 6

Click LOGIN.  Start creating sites. Learn More

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